Unity Games/ Music Games

  • Keyboard Exercise Training Game

    First attempt at a basic keyboard song trainer. Given a series of notes, the trainer will display the notes in order at the appropriate speed. Combined with the accompanying music, the player should be able to learn how to play various songs.


    Unity, music, keyboard trainer, exercises, keyboard
  • Flappy Bird Replica Controlled with Voice Commands in Unity

    Key words are up, down and straight. Goal is keep the bird from colliding with lightning or logs.

    Game Demonstration is done by Paul Sassaman.

    Unity, voice recognition, flappy bird, replica, lightning, logs
  • Decibel Visualizer/Game

    This is a live representation of DB levels in a song. Lower levels of volume are on the innermost ring and higher levels of volume are on the outermost ring. The spheres will disappear automatically on their own after one second, but they can also be touched to gain points
    (with higher DBs resulting in higher points).

    Mayhem - Nintendon't


    Unity, Decibels, Game, visualizer
  • Twist

    This is a clone of Twist game and platforms are controlled with left and right arrows. Target is to move forward without falling. If the player falls, the game scene reloads.

    Special thanks to Paul Sassaman for helping me with respawning of the platform circle.


    Unity, Twist
  • Shape Matching with the Beat

    This is a very simple game with beat mapping to a specific beat. The rotation of the Diamond changes according to the beat and at that time player can drag and keep the Diamond over the matching shape in order to destroy the game object of similar shape.


    Shape, Unity, Beat, Diamond
  • A Simple OSU! Game

    Song is My Love by Kuba Oms

    Unity, OSU, Rhythm Game, Rhythm, Game
  • Line Sorter

    Put puppies into the puppy basket and piglets into the piggy basket by simply drawing lines with in 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the game reloads.


    Unity, Line, 2D
  • Voice Recognition with Unity

    Change the color of the virtual light bulb by stating a color.


    voice recognition, unity, vitrtual, bulbs