Music Visualizers

  • NeoPixel Guitar Hero

    A Guitar Hero / DDR style Python game that uses a FadeCandy NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8x8 Grid for the display and four color coded buttons for input. This game can use any StepMania track that has been parsed by smdataset (, so all your favorite songs are available to play right off the bat.

    To play, just press the appropriate button whenever a note reaches the bottom of the screen. Your health is visible on the right side of the screen as a purple meter. Try not to run out before the song is over!


    Raspberry Pi, FadeCandy, NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8x8 Led Grid, Buttons
  • Musical Scribbles

    Pinch and move your hand to draw on the screen. As you move your hand up and down, the pitch of the sparkling sound will move up and down as well.


    leap motion, Unity, music
  • Frequency Testing Tool

    A disc shaped visualizer that shows the foremost frequencies. Each frequency is represented by its angle around the disc. Let's the user see the foremost frequency over time instead of just the current values.

    This is an ongoing project and hope to add color variations according to frequency variations.

    Song is Big Car Theft by Jason Shaw.


    Unity, music visualizer, frequency
  • Musical Circle Visualizer

    A rainbow colored circle that visualizes the frequency spectrum of the song in a way that the rhythm/beat can be seen.

    Song is Never Be Alone by TheFatRat


    Unity, music visualizer, frequency
  • Spectrum Height Indicator

    Spectrum analyzer made of pulsating pyramids that attracts a pillar of particles to the peak point

    Spectrum analyzer uses a FFT Hemming Window.

    Mayhem - Nintendon't

    Unity, spectrum, Audio Visualizer, particles, attractors
  • Decibel Visualizer/Game

    This is a live representation of DB levels in a song. Lower levels of volume are on the innermost ring and higher levels of volume are on the outermost ring. The spheres will disappear automatically on their own after one second, but they can also be touched to gain points
    (with higher DBs resulting in higher points).

    Mayhem - Nintendon't


    Unity, Game, Decibels, visualizer
  • Music Visualizer

    A simple audio visualizer created using Unity. Each cube and star changes position according to the frequency ranges of the music clip.
    Song is Unity by TheFatRat


  • Virtual Xylophone in Unity Controlled via an Adafruit 12x Capacitive Touch Sensor Shield for Arduino

    Virtual Xylophone works in Unity while the capacitive touch sensor shield send the byte related to the touched key on the board.


    This project was featured on the adafruit blog on 10/30/2017

    Unity, Arduino, Xylophonre, Capacitive Touch Sensor Shield, Adafruit
  • Virtual theremin in Unity controlled by an ultrasonic snsor with Arduino via Bluetooth using the HC - 05 Module

    The Arduino monitors how far away the player's palm is from the ultrasonic sensor and sends the distance to Unity via Bluetooth. Unity then adjusts the size of the cube and the pitch of the music according to the distance between the sensor and the player.


    Unity, Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth, HC 05, Theremin
  • Audio Visualizer in Unity

    Unity splits incoming audio into frequency ranges and adjusts the height of sections of the particle field appropriately.

    Unity, Audio Visualizer, Flight of the bumblebee
  • 3D Audio Spectrum Visualizer

    A simple audio visualizer created using Unity.

    Done with Disco, Art of Escapism, Unity
  • Spectrum Visualizer using the MSGQE7 Chip

    MSGQE7 is a seven band graphic filter chip that sorts frequencies into 7 different frequency ranges. These ranges are between 0Hz, 63Hz, 160Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.25kHz, and 16kHz. The chip analyzes audio input (such as a song) with the help of an Arduino, and then this data is sent as an array to Unity. Unity then turns the frequency data into a visualizer with seven different colors indicating the seven different frequency ranges.

    MSGQE7, Unity, arduino
  • Microphone Bass Test with Arduino and Unity

    A microphone is hooked to an Arduino and data is sent to Unity. Unity plots the data.
    Audio is Bass Test Song by Manian.

    arduino, Unity, microphone
  • Voice and Pitch Visualizer

    Loudness of the voice is determined by the movement of the heart. Lower pitches activates the red particles and the higher pitches blue particles.

    Excuse the "Evil Villain Laugh" it is Halloween :)


    Unity, Pitch, loudness, particles