• Magic Spells with IR Wand, Raspberry Pi, and IR Camera Module

    Using a magic wand, cast spells with infrared light! Draw a spell shape in the air, and different magical effects will appear.


    Shape Recognition, Tensorflow, Unity3d, Raspberry Pi, IR camera, IR emitter, Magic, Magic spells, Magic Wand
  • Genetic Algorithm Demonstration and Magic Leap Simulator Test

    Two different projects/tests in one. I've put together a genetic algorithm that lets the user choose which types of shirts they do not want to influence the next generation of shirts. The elements being bred are size and color. For this demo we're trying to get rid of the blue and yellow shirts (although the interface we're working with made this somewhat difficult). We also decided to test out the Magic Leap Simulator. When a hand is making a pinch gesture, the hand will emanate a ray. If the ray hits a shirt, it is removed from the breeding pool. Additionally, if a hand makes a fist gesture, the cube in the middle of the screen will spin. The spin direction depends on which hand is making the fist gesture. Unfortunately, the Magic Leap Simulator runs incredibly slowly on my laptop, so there's a lot of lag. Additionally, the only way to move the user's hands around are with text input boxes. I'm hoping the simulator will receive some ease of use updates in the near future. Until then, I'm putting Magic Leap development on hold until I can buy the actual hardware. 05/13/2018
    Magic Leap, Genetic Algorithm, Unity3d
  • Color tracking with OpenCv and Unity3d

    This is an attempt to recognize colors and track object movements with OpenCV python and Unity3D. 04/26/2018
    Unity, OpenCV, Python, color and object tracking
  • FadeCandy & Adafruit APDS9960 Gesture Sensor

    Moving your hand over the gesture sensor causes a rainbow circle to move in the same direction on the screen and on the FadeCandy LED grid. 4/14/2018
    FadeCandy, NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8x8 Led Grid, Processing, Gesture Sensor
  • Fun with FadeCandy - Experiment set #1

    In the first half of the video, a floral pattern is being mapped to the NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8x8 grid. In the second half, a section of a wave is being mapped to a very small grid in Processing which is then displayed on the LED Matrix. As a bonus, at the very beginning of the video you can see an attempt to create a picture of Peter Rabbit on the Led Grid. All coding is done in Processing. 03/01/2018
    FadeCandy, NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8x8 Led Grid, Processing
  • Controlling a Fan Motor Module with HC -12 Wireless Serial Port Communication Modules

    Two HC-12 Wireless Serial Port Communication Modules are being used to send and receive data between two Arduinos. When the red button is clicked, the receiver HC-12 module is sent an AT command to start rotating the fan clockwise. When the green button is clicked, the transmitter HC-12 module sends an AT command to the receiver module to rotate the fan counterclockwise. Finally, when the blue button is pressed, the transmitter sends an AT command to the receiver to stop the fan. 02/12/2018
    Arduino, HC12 Module, Wireless Communication, motor fan