[SPIE 2016] An Extremely Lightweight Fingernail Worn Prosthetic Interface Device

Oguz Yetkin,Simranjit Ahluwalia, Dinithi Silva, Isioma Kasi-Okonye, Rachael Volker, Joshua R. Baptist, Dan O. Popa


Abstracts and Posters

[UIST SIC 2019] Sensing and Recreating Mobile Device Manipulations for Remote Usability Studies

Dinithi Silva-Sassaman, Jing Qian


[SB3C 2017] Wearable Gesture Recognition System With Applications to American Sign Language

Isioma R Kasi-Okonye, Simranjit S Ahluwalia, Dinithi S Silva, Arturo Acuna, Oguz Yetkin, George Alexandrakis