Unity and Leap Motion

  • Adjusting Fractal Depth with a Rotating Motion

    This is a cubic fractal rendered in Unity. You can adjust the depth of the fractal by rotating your hand in a circular motion, similar to turning a large invisible wheel. Counter-clockwise movement increases the depth and clockwise movement decreases it. Hand tracking is handled with the Leap Motion as always.

    Denny insisted on getting some camera time...


    Unity, Leap Motion, Fractals, Gestures
  • Initial Test of Haptic Vibrations via Mini Motor Discs for Virtual Reality

    This a prototype haptic glove with Mini Motor Discs attached to two of the fingers. Each motor starts vibrating depending on which object is touched in Unity with the Leap Motion providing the position of the user's hand. Future versions will have each finger vibrate depending on if the corresponding virtual finger is touching an object.


    Unity, leap motion, arduino, Disk Motors
  • Control Virtual Switches with Leap Motion Pinch Gesture and Control LEDs via Arduino

    The player uses a pinch gesture with a Leap Motion to flip any of four virtual switches in a Unity environment. Unity sends which switch has been flipped and whether it is in an on or off state via serial cable to an Arduino. The Arduino then turns the LED associated with each switch on or off. In short, with a simple gesture a player can flip virtual switches and turn physical LEDs on and off.


    Unity, leap motion, arduino, LEDs
  • Leap Motion Summoning Pointer

    An experiment / prototype loosely based on the concepts described in the Leap Motion blog post about Summoning and Superpowers: http://blog.leapmotion.com/summoning-superpowers-designing-vr-interactions-distance/ . If the user points at a cube, the cube moves towards the player.


    Unity, leap motion
  • Archery Game with Leap Motion

    An archery game controlled with the Leap Motion. The left hand controls the position and rotation of the bow. The right hand controls when the arrows are fired with pinch motions. When the player hits the target, it rises slightly higher to make the next shot harder.

    Further improvements coming in the near future along with uploaded code. Visual assets are currently borrowed from a Vive tutorial (https://www.raywenderlich.com/159610/advanced-vr-mechanics-unity-htc-vive-part-2) and will be replaced in the near future.


    Unity, leap motion
  • Controlling Virtual Gears with Leap Motion

    In this project virtual gears are controlled using pinch gesture and on release pinch gestures with the Leap motion. Further, on pinch gesture, 24 bit Neopixel ring starts blinking and on pinch release gesture, LED ring stops blinking.

    Gear 3D Models were taken from the following link


    Unity, leap motion, Arduino, Virtual, Gears, neopixel LED ring
  • Leap Motion Bowling

    Grab a bowling ball and aim for a strike! Currently a work in progress.There will be updates in the near future.


    leap motion, Unity, Bowling
  • Leap Motion Instrument with Lights

    A virtual instrument that is played by moving one's hand to touch virtual cubes with the help of a Leap Motion. Hitting different keys will cause a connected Arduino to adjust the number of lights on an LED strip in descending order.

    Denny, purrfect circuit companion, decided to take part in the video :)

    Unity, Arduino, leap motion, Neopixel LED Strip
  • Mini Arcade

    Here are two games demonstrated using Leap Motion along with an UI
    1. Snake Game which automatically ends in 20 seconds
    2. Endless Platformer game which automatically ends in 60 seconds

    Project Partner - Paul Sassaman


    Unity, leap motion, UI, arcade, snake game, endless platformer
  • Leap Motion Thremin Prototype

    Currently still under development, but humorously entertaining as is.

    This theremin was developed in Unity with the Leap Motion SDK. When a hand touches a cube, it changes from cyan to red and plays a specific note at varying pitches depending on the height of the hand. Each cube represents C, D, E, F, and G respectively.


    Unity, Theremin, leap motion, music, instruments